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Be Still 52 - week 10 with Kim Klassen photography class

In the last week's lesson we were asked to explore lighting around the clock. Just with a simple subject, for example a simple spoon. And then observe the shadows from different directions as back- front- side- lighting, or also the angles between them. This was a very interesting experience.
While gathering subjects at the beginning of this workshop I found a very old spoon on a flea market. Inspired from Kim's photography for week 10, I used this lovely spoon for this lesson.
In Lightroom I created my own darkmood preset, switched to Photoshop and applied the texture kk_cloudyday.

Breathe ..... shot with front shadow
Breathe .... shot from side (10-11)
Lightroom my own preset darkmood, Photoshop texture kk_2710

Breathe .... shot from side (7-8)
Lightroom my own preset darkmood, Photoshop texture kk_ addsomenoise4

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  1. I love what you did with the spoon and the salt. Beautiful contrast.

    1. Thank you dear Sarah. I'm so happy you like my images!
      Regards Esther