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Looking for light

Be Still 52 - week 4 with Kim Klassen photography class
After the gathering week we became an enormeous lesson. Learning and testing the camera in the manual modus. I learned quite a lot.
The theme for the week 4 image is Looking for light. Unfortunately I was waiting in fain for sunshine. But me and my camera did the best to show you a good image. Hope you like it.

In Lightroom I used the preset Oldenday, than switched over to CS5 and applied the texture kk_waterfront_1 mode soft light, 69% opacity.

Kim gave for week 4 an additonal Extra Credit Prompt:  Wabi-Sabi
After reading a lot about I learned that Wabi-Sabi ist a Japanese concept of aesthetic. I tried to shoot a photo in this sense.
(comming soon in a seperate post)

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  1. Your flowers and edit are amazing!

  2. Stunning flowers and beautiful composition!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. ZAUBERHAFT******************** dir einen lieben gruss manfred